February 29, 2008

Apple updates

I love the new slim laptop that Mac just introduced, but I'm hanging on to my MacBook Pro. I found this beautiful display by designer Nuno Teixeira and I would love to get my hands on one of these iViews!

Oooh! Spoon Chimes!

These spoons were posted on Apartment Therapy and they got me all excited to make spoon wind chimes again! I remember making chimes for my mother. We turned some into small bird feeders by attaching the spoons to the bottom of a shallow pale with a handle. Oh, I love fun wind chimes.

Mc & Co:

I loved these images from Mc & Co that were posted on Apartment Therapy! This is a beautiful shop located in Brooklyn, NY.
The elements in these rooms are all displayed with such simplicity. I'm also digging the planters!

February 25, 2008

Paper Lanterns

I have always loved white paper lanterns. I received one as a gift long ago when they were still very kitschy. I would love to purchase more and create a piece of artwork on my ceiling, like the paper lantern overhead lighting created here and posted on Apartment Therapy.

Alicia Bock Poppies

This is a print from Alicia Bock (etsy seller). I love poppies and this print inspires me to add fresh colors to my new apartment decor.

White on white

I love the look of white on white. Everything looks crisp and clean. I suppose more than anything, it looks sanitarily clean :) This setup works because of the white and brown mix. I would like to move back into an apartment that has freshly white painted walls. I keep getting stuck in tan or light yellow walls.

Cozy sweaters

This photo reminds me of cold weather and pulling on sweaters to keep warm. I am missing my hometown in Idaho and in a way, I will always miss the cold months there. This sweater chair reminds me of home and cozy nights by the fireplace.

Delay in Posts

I apologize for the delay in postings. I have finally found a job and I've been trying to do my best to prioritize my new life schedule. I promise to keep posts updated from now on.
Thanks for your understanding :)