June 7, 2008

Bicycle Baskets

I'm on the search for a stylish bicycle basket to put on a vintage Schwinn. I like the more modern look, although I'd also like to stray from using a milk crate. I found these excellent baskets that I would definitely consider:
Design House Stockholm: Carrie Bike Basket ($50)

Basil: Bristol Front Bike Basket (no price listed)

I think these are appealing without looking too much like an old woven basket:

Abikestore.com: Wicker Cruiser Pet Bicycle Basket ($75)

Comcycle-USA: Front Rattan Bike Basket ($39.95)

A classic in bicycle baskets:

Rivendell Bicycle Works: Wald Wire Basket ($20)

And a classic look for a classic Schwinn:

Rivendell Bicycle Works: Nigel Smythe Country Bag ($190)