August 12, 2008

Fighting the sickness

And tea sounds wonderful about now. I've always wanted to use loose tea leaves rather than tea bags, but have yet to make the transition. When I do, I would like to use this tea strainer for it's modern looks.
Gamila: The Original TeaStick ($18)

These teacups make me happy even without tea in them.
Etsy seller Recy: Vintage China Teacups ($14/3)

I think this soup and sandwich tray would cheer anyone up on a sick day.
Uncommon Goods: Soup and Sandwich Ceramic Tray Duo ($30)

For some reason when I get sick, I crave donuts... Detail of Donut Stack by Frances Gordon ($199.99)

This scarf looks cozy without looking like winter time.
Etsy seller Happiknits: Shanthi Scarf ($50)

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  1. Awww thanks for posting my scarf on your super cool blog :)