September 30, 2008

Surplussing Army gear

After receiving today's "Etsy Finds" email, I became intrigued by these amazing bags made by twomaisons.

Etsy seller twomaisons: Painted Post Bag ($344)

Etsy seller twomaisons: Military Satchel ($424)

I love the structured look and renewed military-like materials. I started looking up military surplus shops online to browse through these relatively cheap design materials. During my search, I also came across some fun basics, like these all-weather notebooks.

gr8gear: All-Weather Field Book- Tan ($14.99)

I love these thin wool blankets. Growing up, we used my dad's old military blankets when we went camping. If you laid them under your sleeping bag you stayed warmer at night. Somehow, I've been attached to them since.
gr8gear: French Blanket ($14.99)

These seem like an excellent source to make your own bags from.gr8gear: Genuine Issued Laundry Bag ($4.99)

These bags already have great structure to them, but you could easily reconstruct them to your liking.Army Surplus World: Medical Eqpt/Magazine Bag (Starts at $16.99)

I couldn't resist adding this flexible bowl and cup set.gr8gear: Squishy Bowl & Cup ($14.95/set)

This bag is great for a basic look.Army Surplus Warehouse: Danish Canvas Bag ($6.95)

These are some more great fabric materials to work with.Army Surplus Warehouse: Bag for Rings ($2.49)

Army Surplus Warehouse: Rain Drop Ammo Pouch ($3.99)

And of course, the heavy-duty military zippers.Army Surplus Warehouse: Heavy-Duty Zipper ($4.99)

These scarves actually are very beautiful and come in many colors. They show you how to wrap the scarf like below, but wrapped around the neck or draped over your shoulders would look amazing as well.gr8gear: Desert Scarves- Shemagh ($9.99)

More great materials to work with...Army Surplus Warehouse: Spare Parts Bag ($1.99)

Army Surplus Warehouse: US Panel Marker ($4.99)

Even add your own name to your items.Army Surplus World: Name Tapes (Start at $2.75)

Supporting the Arts

I think everyone who loves design always considers themselves supporters of the arts. I consider myself a supporter because of my love for art and design. A friend of mine pointed me to this sale on ebay that a friend of hers wrote up. After reading the details of this sale, I began to question whether just my interest in art was a true support of the art community. Check it out and see if you find yourself questioning your own support of the arts.

September 27, 2008

Sale: West Elm

Don't miss out on the great discounts at West Elm online. I've got my eye on some furniture here.

Round Canvas Nesting Boxes ($49.99/set of 3)

September 26, 2008

Tigerlilly Shop

I came across Tigerlilly Shop on Etsy today and I'd love to take home a bag of goodies from this store.

Silver Hydrangea Earrings ($30)

Stumps [clusters]

I'm having an obsessive day with stumps. These are some of my favorites:

Etsy seller LittleSeedlings: Tree Stump Beanie ($12)

This natural stump planter is so earthy.
Etsy seller Kindlingshop: Small Stump Planter ($35)

I love the colors of these stumps!Etsy seller AshleyG: Stumps print ($20)

This would definitely show off your love of stumps.Etsy seller Sodeco: Big Stump Wall Art ($55)

I am really digging this print.Etsy seller Seasprayblue: Be Different Print ($17)

Secret message?Etsy seller StudioLyon: I Heart U Print ($20)

I think this is so cool- especially in blue. Etsy seller Poodlebreath: Glassy Blue Tree Stump- Business Card Holder ($25)

I think the red plant really pulls this vase off.Doe: White Porcelain Stump Vase ($22)

I really like the idea of adding a stump to your home decor, but I don't like the idea of paying $200 for it. There are so many other ways to get a stump in your home.West Elm: Natural Tree Stump Side Table ($199)

This print is very romantic.Etsy seller Tugboatprintshop: Stumps print ($45)

Etsy seller Groundwork: New Growth Print ($20)

Etsy seller SmallStump: Genuine Bark Birch Tube (sold out)

Esty seller Fragments: Determination Print ($20)

This is a stump cover you can slip over a plastic bucket to turn it into a fun stool.Etsy seller Allicoate: Stump stool-red ($40)

And coasters...come on. How can you say no?Etsy seller LittleOddForest: Tree Trunk Coaster ($10/pair)