September 26, 2008

Stumps [clusters]

I'm having an obsessive day with stumps. These are some of my favorites:

Etsy seller LittleSeedlings: Tree Stump Beanie ($12)

This natural stump planter is so earthy.
Etsy seller Kindlingshop: Small Stump Planter ($35)

I love the colors of these stumps!Etsy seller AshleyG: Stumps print ($20)

This would definitely show off your love of stumps.Etsy seller Sodeco: Big Stump Wall Art ($55)

I am really digging this print.Etsy seller Seasprayblue: Be Different Print ($17)

Secret message?Etsy seller StudioLyon: I Heart U Print ($20)

I think this is so cool- especially in blue. Etsy seller Poodlebreath: Glassy Blue Tree Stump- Business Card Holder ($25)

I think the red plant really pulls this vase off.Doe: White Porcelain Stump Vase ($22)

I really like the idea of adding a stump to your home decor, but I don't like the idea of paying $200 for it. There are so many other ways to get a stump in your home.West Elm: Natural Tree Stump Side Table ($199)

This print is very romantic.Etsy seller Tugboatprintshop: Stumps print ($45)

Etsy seller Groundwork: New Growth Print ($20)

Etsy seller SmallStump: Genuine Bark Birch Tube (sold out)

Esty seller Fragments: Determination Print ($20)

This is a stump cover you can slip over a plastic bucket to turn it into a fun stool.Etsy seller Allicoate: Stump stool-red ($40)

And coasters...come on. How can you say no?Etsy seller LittleOddForest: Tree Trunk Coaster ($10/pair)

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  1. Boy am I glad I stumbled across your blog...such fantastic things I'm finding here. Love these STUMPS and I can't believe I just threw my West Elm catalog in the recycling this morning. Ugh!!!
    I love that armchair!