October 30, 2008

Moccasins and Look-a-likes [clusters]

After receiving my new catalog from Cyrillus, I was love struck with this look of socks and loafers. I think its such a collared look for the fall.
The catalog also had me searching for some fun versions of moccasins for the fall weather.
Target: Shirlee Moccasins in Tan ($13.99)
Newport News: Pleated Suede Flat in Clove ($24)
Newport News: Suede Moccasin ($34)Alloy: Minnetonka Kilty Moccasin in brown ($46.50)
Old Navy: Suede Moccassins in Gray ($16.50)
Old Navy: Suede Moccasins in Bordeaux ($16.50)

October 29, 2008

Coasters for my home [clusters]

With the arrival of the new sofa comes the arrival of my desire for coasters to protect this precious piece of furniture. (The cat has already had his first scolding for touching the new sofa with his nails.)

Here's my cluster of eye candy coasters:

A love of sewing goes beyond the sewing projects piled up on the floor.
Etsy seller liesl: Sewing Pattern Coasters ($5)

I like that these coasters are glass and so clean looking. I'm also loving the fun drawings on each one- very unique!

Etsy seller Gocreativity759: Glass Coaster Set ($40)

This ship will whisk me away with my drink :)
Etsy seller paperedtogether: Stowaway Letterpress Coasters ($12)

These could add more color to our living space (the sofa will never be enough now).
Etsy seller 12fifteen: Ready for Spring Letterpress Coasters ($12)

What can I say...I love typefaces.
Etsy seller CarolinaCottage: Fabulous Font Coasters ($15)

OH, I wish these were tile coasters so I could keep them forever.Etsy seller Staza: European Architecture Letterpress Coasters ($15)

I like the vintage labels used for these coasters.
Etsy seller Labelstone: Vintage Turkish Building Boat Coasters ($14)

These coasters pack a punch of color- and they carry that street map feel which is so city inspiring.

Etsy seller Visualingual: Vine Street Coasters ($58)

October 28, 2008

Meeting Martha

Ok. So you can see from this photo that I didn't really get to "meet" with Martha, but I did buy her new cookbook (for someone special) and got some photo time with her.

I must say that this is the cutest photo.

Yes, Martha enjoyed her coffee from Cafe du Monde and her beignets.

A place for the sofa.

The sofa arrived this weekend and I've been finding myself drifting to it every day after work. The color is smashing and fits perfectly in our little living room (our old hide-a-bed was bulky and seemed to swallow up the side of the room).

So, overall I'm digging our space.

And of course, our favorite chairs.

Sam Paints

I don't know why, but I love these paintings from SamPaints. There's something about the lines that create a sense of eerie depth. I feel like I'm reading a story in each painting.

Feeling Kinda Bookish

I love this window display set up at Anthropologie in Manhattan. I am a devotee for beautiful window displays- in fact this would be one of my three dream jobs....

via: Racked

Isn't this just wonderful? Look at how the books have been flopped over onto one another to create repetitive and unique pattern drooping over the edge of the table. Love, love, love it!

October 27, 2008

Postage art

Have you ever wondered what the rest of the scene from your stamp looks like? These postage stamp paintings take you beyond the small frilly box you stick on envelopes or postcards. You can see the small outline of the original stamp and the painter's interpretation of the rest of the scene.

Although all the paintings I looked at are already sold, you should definitely check out these fun works of art.

October 24, 2008

Agate Coasters

I've always liked this idea of using slices of agate as coasters. The are such beautiful and natural pieces, but this allows them to be useful as well.

Elsewares: Brazilian Agate Coasters ($50/set of 4)

Etsy Prints [clusters]

This is my cluster of recent favorite prints from Etsy. I'm going to start adding to my collection now....

Etsy seller berkleyillustration: Old Timey Biker Daredevil ($15)

Etsy seller altardbeast: Cunning can get you but so far ($15)

Etsy seller ohmycavalier: Two Bird Song ($10)

Etsy seller ohmycavalier: Beehive Bears ($23)

Etsy seller dazeychic: Count the Waves ($20)

Etsy seller papercutdiecut: Die cut-paper cut- Tree kid ($38)

Etsy seller GollyBard: Logs II ($18)

Etsy seller ohmycavalier: Fox Tea ($23)

Etsy seller askey: Storm Clouds ($20)

Etsy seller tabidesigns: Caged Bird ACEO ($4.50)

Etsy seller ohmycavalier: Wren King ($16)

Etsy seller GollyBard: Trousers ($15)

Etsy seller myfolklover: Hiding in the Tallest Grass ($15)