October 29, 2008

Coasters for my home [clusters]

With the arrival of the new sofa comes the arrival of my desire for coasters to protect this precious piece of furniture. (The cat has already had his first scolding for touching the new sofa with his nails.)

Here's my cluster of eye candy coasters:

A love of sewing goes beyond the sewing projects piled up on the floor.
Etsy seller liesl: Sewing Pattern Coasters ($5)

I like that these coasters are glass and so clean looking. I'm also loving the fun drawings on each one- very unique!

Etsy seller Gocreativity759: Glass Coaster Set ($40)

This ship will whisk me away with my drink :)
Etsy seller paperedtogether: Stowaway Letterpress Coasters ($12)

These could add more color to our living space (the sofa will never be enough now).
Etsy seller 12fifteen: Ready for Spring Letterpress Coasters ($12)

What can I say...I love typefaces.
Etsy seller CarolinaCottage: Fabulous Font Coasters ($15)

OH, I wish these were tile coasters so I could keep them forever.Etsy seller Staza: European Architecture Letterpress Coasters ($15)

I like the vintage labels used for these coasters.
Etsy seller Labelstone: Vintage Turkish Building Boat Coasters ($14)

These coasters pack a punch of color- and they carry that street map feel which is so city inspiring.

Etsy seller Visualingual: Vine Street Coasters ($58)

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