October 24, 2008

Etsy Prints [clusters]

This is my cluster of recent favorite prints from Etsy. I'm going to start adding to my collection now....

Etsy seller berkleyillustration: Old Timey Biker Daredevil ($15)

Etsy seller altardbeast: Cunning can get you but so far ($15)

Etsy seller ohmycavalier: Two Bird Song ($10)

Etsy seller ohmycavalier: Beehive Bears ($23)

Etsy seller dazeychic: Count the Waves ($20)

Etsy seller papercutdiecut: Die cut-paper cut- Tree kid ($38)

Etsy seller GollyBard: Logs II ($18)

Etsy seller ohmycavalier: Fox Tea ($23)

Etsy seller askey: Storm Clouds ($20)

Etsy seller tabidesigns: Caged Bird ACEO ($4.50)

Etsy seller ohmycavalier: Wren King ($16)

Etsy seller GollyBard: Trousers ($15)

Etsy seller myfolklover: Hiding in the Tallest Grass ($15)


  1. Thank you for including my prints on your blog, and some of my favorite artists too!

  2. I vote for the Storm Clouds one!! but all of them are fun:)