October 7, 2008

In the Tool Shop [clusters]

After reading my weekly emails from Maxwell at Apartment Therapy, I was intrigued by a visit he had with Chris Plantan while in Minneapolis. Chris has created a chic way to organize her office supplies by using tool chests she paints (red tool chests are a little obvious, but she cleverly disguises hers in white and silver). I love this trick and I've been shopping around for similar pieces to give second uses to.

This tool box looks nice without a new paint job.
Tool Storage Warehouse: Homak Black 2 Drawer Handy Carry Tool Box ($17.86)

This trash can could be really fun to add an industrial look to a room.Tool Storage Warehouse: Justrite 6 Gallon Red Oily Waste Can (call for pricing)

This could definitely take the place of my kitchen trash can.
Tool Storage Warehouse: Justrite 4.5 Gallon Cease-Fire Waste Receptacles (call for pricing)

I would like to keep my pencils, scissors, etc. stashed away in this box.Tool Storage Warehouse: Waterloo Low Profile Tool Box ($8.75)

I love the look of this bag with its inside walls to separate my small craft items.ToolBoxesDirect.com: Small Parts Organizer ($9.99)

I have decided that this would beToolBoxesDirect.com: Excel 3 Tray 1 Drawer Tool Cart ($99.99)

This cart could also suffice, though it doesn't have a drawer to keep drink stirrers, etc.ToolBoxesDirect.com: Waterloo Basic Utility Cart ($77.99)

And lastly, I think this is the ultimate in tool chests. You could store almost anything in this guy.Tool Storage Warehouse: International Tool Boxes 14" Circular Saw Box ($32.77)

You can also find other fun industrial products to search through at Uline.

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