October 6, 2008

Oh, babies!

I have been thinking of babies lately. Mostly because of the placement I am in...just married and friends being pregnant. So, today I wanted to post about some cool gifts, etc. that are excellent for new moms.

First, because I used to work for BOB and will never purchase another stroller...I must add this beautiful and durable Revolution stroller from BOB.
This bowl is genius and was "winner of the prestigious Babble Award"!
BunnyburyBaby: Catch Bowl by Boon ($6.95)

This bottle is so cool. I also like the glass bottles that are now available- so old school.Bunnybury Baby: Adiri Natural Nurser Baby Bottle ($11.95)

I like that this baby powder has no scent and is organic.BunnyburyBaby: Organic Unscented Baby Powder by Little Twig ($10.95)

This is one hot diaper bag- though the price is outrageous.
BunnyburyBaby: Yellow Seed Pod MotherShip Diaper Bag by Fleurville ($125.95)

You can buy these next items as sets for your favorite new mommy.Etsy seller TurtleParkTots: Eat Baby- Baby/Toddler Bib ($10)

Etsy seller TurtleParkTots: Change-me-anywhere Changing Pad/Blanket ($20)

Etsy seller TurtleParkTots: Change-me-anywhere Diaper Keeper ($14)

These are the best gifts to hand out at your next baby shower!Etsy seller Foliage: Handsoap Set ($17/set of 10)

Every child should grow up with a sock monkey!Etsy seller hoffeeandanuffin: New Blue Red Heel Sock Monkey ($35)

Another beautiful design!Etsy seller bluejeanjess: Burp Cloth/Mini Changing Pad ($6)

These are too adorable.Etsy seller Sally1: Baby Blue Button Loafers ($20)

Etsy seller Sellebrate Design: Sporty Boy Booties - Brown ($9.49)

Another excellent gift package.Etsy seller Valeriya: Petals and Apples in Pink Burp Cloth set ($15)

I have seen these wall graphics popping up all over, but I think they are best appropriate when placed in a child's space for invoking a strong imagination.Etsy seller elly nelly: Safari Wall Graphic ($32)

And, if she plans on breast feeding this cover can help her and the baby feel more comfortable.Etsy seller WildHoneyPie: Chocolate Brown Damask Nursing Cover ($18.50)

And some more cute baby booties- who doesn't ooh and aah over baby booties?Etsy seller Sally1: Cotton Daisy MaryJane Booties- Deep Purple ($20)

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  1. Thank you so much for blogging about my burp cloth! That was super sweet of you!