October 23, 2008

The start of an office

Even though our lease is up in February and we've decided to move to a "hipper" neighborhood, I still have this desire to finish setting up our office upstairs. This room started as a storage room and is slowly evolving into it's true space as an office.

I bought this work table from a cute old couple that were moving back to Denmark to be with their children and grandchildren. He had been using it as a shop table for his carpentry projects and had created a sliding drawer on the bottom to hold tools, etc. We took the table apart and painted the top in pistachio green, the legs and base in black.

The chair is from ikea. Because we don't have an ikea nearby I rely on others to bring their ikea goods to our local craigslist...like this chair.

Somehow we started a collection of calendars when we first moved to Louisiana so I've been putting them on the walls like art.

I would love to swap office space with Yvestown. I'm actually going to be purchasing the exact same drawer unit from ikea, but in white.
New Improved Studio 03
via flickr: yvestown

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