October 16, 2008

Trash Cans [clusters]

I'm really digging industrial looking trash cans lately, especially in the kitchen.

via: Katie Scully on flickr

via: Amber in Norfolk on flickr

This is my ultimate favorite. Clean white design that makes you want to stuff an old soggy ice cream cone into.
TrashCanCentral: StepMaster Series Round Receptacles by United Receptacle ($268.63)

I like the look of the white trash can as well, with a swinging lid.
TrashCanCentral: Swing-top Receptacle by Witt Waste Bins ($181-257)

Add your crumpled paper and....viola!
TrashCanCentral: Blomus Stainless Steel Wastepaper Basket ($72.35)

This definitely has a nice shape to it and can conceal trash with the rounded topper.
TrashCanCentral: Stainless Steel Open Bullet Can ($98.99)

Though I am partial to trash cans with lids (my mother ran an at-home daycare when I grew up and thus I am inherent to follow her rules of covering up trash), I still like the look of this square can. Plus there are rims on either side that secure the trash bag so it doesn't slip down.
TrashCanCentral: Open-Top Stainless Steel Receptacle by United Receptacle ($221.93)

These are by far the best purchase for your money. Here, they are shown set up for recycling bins. Love, love, love.
Crate and Barrel: Slim Step Trash Can by Simple Human ($39.95)

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  1. Those are great looking trash cans. I have also my personal favorite, Custom designed.