December 3, 2008

Airplanes [clusters]

Life Magazine now has images available for searching out on Google. I immediately got sucked in to looking through pages and pages of black and white photos with airplanes. Of course, now I am getting always.

Life Magazine: Airplane F-89 by photographer Loomis Dean

Here are some ways to get some memorabilia of your own...

Uncommon Goods: Airplane Window ($1500)

I love dissections of materials and this layout is even better because it is written out in German. I could see this set up in a nice frame to hang on the wall.

Etsy seller SurrenderDorothy: Anatomy of a Jumbo Jet ($10.59)

This is another great example of airplanes explained in detail and ready to hang on the wall.
Etsy seller MoxyFoxBooks: 1940 Aircraft Maintenance Book ($26.99)

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