December 1, 2008

The Fox and the Hare [clusters]

The fall/winter season has me thinking about foxes and hares. Once you start thinking about something so abstractly you begin to see these items everywhere you look. Well, I have found a handful of my favorites during my Etsy browsing.

Etsy seller hansigurum: Jackalope pattern ($6/per pattern)

These jackalope patterns make me wish I knew how to work with yarn...

Etsy seller ohmycavalier: Wolf Winter House ($30)

So, yes, this is supposedly a wolf but I could not help including him!

Etsy seller blackoutwell: The Frosty Fox ($20)

Etsy seller mylittlefingers: Mini Rabbit Pillow ($8)

I have this small place in my heart for shaped pillows like this. I used to have a Disney's Bambi blanket my grandma made me when I was young. It had a pocket in the corner that stored a shaped pillow of Thumper. I loved that blanket and pillow.

Etsy seller TheBlackSpotBooks: Fennec, oh Fennec you lovely little darling- Journal ($60)

Etsy seller traceface: Fox and Hare Print ($22)

This print is beautiful!

Etsy seller cicadastudio: Linen Fabric Swatch- Winter Foxes ($9.50)

Etsy seller spinstersummer: Rabbit Print- Stay Honest ($12)

Etsy seller FoxandClover: Fox and Hare Mini Bowls ($65/set of two)

I really love these clear little dishes with their yellow accents. I wonder what I could find to put in them...

Etsy seller ohmycavalier: Girl and Fox ($23)

I love these fox prints. The fox looks so refined and sofisticated. I can't help but to stare.

Etsy seller ohmycavalier: Two Trees Original Drawing ($250)


Etsy seller ohmycavalier: Reading Wolves Gocco Print ($23)

Still staring....

Etsy seller jewelryvine: lucky day-blue topaz ($34)

Etsy seller UndertheStairStudio: Paper Circus with Dancing Hares ($15)

I wish I was a dainty little girl. I would beg my mother to buy this paper circus for me. Sadly, in reality it would have been lost under my bed after just a few weeks and squashed under piles of rocks from my ongoing rock collection I had.

Etsy seller ohmycavalier: Red Fox Labels ($6/set of five)

I need to find some items to stick these to. Perhaps some book flaps.

Etsy seller cricketpress: Biking Animals Coaster Set ($10/set of 6)

Etsy seller joecifur: Fox Tail Keychain ($7 each)

Yeah! These tails aren't made of fur so I can feel good hanging one from my car keys.

Etsy seller FablesandFoxes: Temptation Fox Hang Tags ($8/set of eight)

With present wrapping coming sooner than I'd like, I think these are great for adding to your wrapping strategy.

Etsy seller cricketpress: Fleet Foxes ($20)

This poster is so sexy.

Etsy seller poordogfarm: Royal Hares- special 2 prints! ($12/set of two)

Etsy seller cricketpress: The Fox and the Hare ($45)

Etsy seller Slowshirts: Gray Fox screenprint ($30)

So intense...I want to hang this on my wall, but I think I would be afraid of it after dark.

Esty seller cricketpress: Fox Trap ($40)

Etsy seller cricketpress: Man Man at The Dame ($20)

Etsy seller Champignons: Hares Print ($20)

Adorable bouncing hares.

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