January 22, 2009

Crafting: Clothespin Memo Rack

Martha Stewart's organizing tip of the day for Tuesday was a clothespin memo rack. I thought to myself how useful something like this might be, but I wasn't found of how boring their final craft looked.

It wasn't until I was reading through the suggested directions on Martha Stewart.com that I realized I had seen a very similar clothespin board. Cyrillus is selling this framed clothespin board and the simplistic look encourages me that this could easily be recreated.

This is what I am thinking:
1) Purchase a basic wooden picture frame.
2) Remove that back from the frame and cover in fabric, securing the fabric to the backside.
3) Staple a piece of thin rope across the front, securing to the backside.
4) Remove the glass from the frame.
5) Place the fabric covered back into the wooden frame and tighten it into place.
6) Purchase small clothespins and clip onto the rope.

Here's another example I came across at Wisteria:

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