January 17, 2009

Creativity Series

Holly over at Decor8 has a new column she's running about getting creative, whether you're new to the world of creativity or just looking to pump in some new ideas. I think this is going to be a great new column and I look forward to keeping up to date. The first project is on mind-mapping and you can check out the post here. This is my mind-map from things I liked to do as a child.


  1. This is great, did it help you to remember a few things you'd long forgotten? I have to work on mine this weekend. We're putting these in a flickr group if you'd like to join:


  2. Hieee Macy, thanks for sharing your mind map. I had fun reading it. I'll be doing mine too sometime soon and hoping to post it up at Holly's flickr group. have a happy rest of the weekend! Btw, i love your blog. n_n

  3. cinnamon gravy -- not one of your better moments, sis.
    en vogue on the trampoline however -- always a fabulous time.
    thanks for the fun memories. xoxoxo