January 17, 2009

Love is in the air: [cluster]

I wanted to put up a cluster of some Valentine's items that I've been checking out.

It would be fun to slip one of these heart pillows over the top of a hanger for your sweety on Valentine's Day.

Etsy seller ratsliveonnoevilstar: Tiny Velvet Valentine Pillow Charms ($30/set of 3)

Sometimes I like to look for Valentine's decorations that don't have hearts or cupids. This little bird would be adorable to hang from the ceiling and use like mistletoe to kiss your sweety under.

EmilieFriday: A Little Birdie and Flowers ($30)

I made garland from hearts cut from used envelopes, but I think I could add this banner to my house as well.

Etsy seller perchpapiers: I Love You Banner ($32)

I want to receive this little mouse from my sweety...how adorable.

The House of Mouse: Ross the Valentine's Mouse ($35)

I love this statement.

Etsy seller DoubleSpeak: Have Kindly Thoughts of Me ($40)

This is a subtle hint at Valentine's Day.

NousSavons: Point the Way Necklace ($24)

I always like to pull out holiday towels if I have them and I would love to have these in my kitchen for Valentine's Day.

Etsy seller ChezSucreChez: Hand Embroidered Crown Tea Towel ($16.50)

Who wouldn't want to sip on some hot cocoa from this sweet mug?

Bestow Boutique: Gold Lip Print Mug ($24)

And at the end of the day, I of course would want to snuggle up in this cute blanket that says it all...

Bestow Boutique : Love Throw ($200)


  1. great and lovely post! I like a lot that mouse-gentleman he is sooo cute!

  2. Oh, that mouse is just adorable! I have seen so many great characters in her shop, hard to choose the favourite:)


  3. Can I ask if that is wallpaper or a curtain behind the heart pillows? I really like the pattern and would like to have it. Thanks :) biehnl@yahoo.com

  4. Lauren,

    I would click on the link below the image and ask the Etsy seller whether that is wallpaper or a type of fabric in the background. Hope this helps!