January 16, 2009

The Princess and the Frog

Disney/Pixar is bringing an exhibition to New Orleans that will include images from the new musical "The Princess and the Frog" which is set in New Orleans. I can't wait to see what this movie has in store...it airs Christmas 2009.

via: Collider

"When the free-spirited, jazz-loving Prince Naveen of Maldonia comes to town a deal with a shady voodoo doctor goes bad and the once suave royal is turned into a frog. In a desperate attempt to be human again, a favor in exchange for a fateful kiss on the lips from the beautiful girl, Tiana, takes an unexpected turn and leads them both on a hilarious adventure through the mystical bayous of Louisiana to the banks of the almighty Mississippi and back in time for Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

An unforgettable tale filled with music, humor and heart where two frogs—along with the help of a 200-year-old voodoo priestess, a love-sick Cajun firefly, and a trumpet playing alligator—discover that what they want isn’t as important as what they need.

The Princess and The Frog will feature Disney’s first African American princess, Tiana, who lives in New Orleans during the Jazz Age. Other characters include Louis, a trumpet-playing alligator, and Ray, a love-sick Cajun firefly."

via: New Orleans Museum of Art

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