January 15, 2009

Winter Warm for my hubby [cluster]

Being Alaskan born, I am somewhat jealous that my hubby is in Prudhoe Bay for two weeks. I am dreaming of snow and cold toes and warm fires and missing my hubby. This is what I wish I were doing:

flickr: masito76

Glacier spotting...

L.L.Bean: Winter Walker Snowshoes ($89-109)

Snowshoeing through the wilderness. Perhaps spotting some caribou off in the distance...

Later, I would be craving some of this delicious Mexican hot chocolate...mmm...

Cyrillus: Arctic Fleece Throw (28,00 €)

Then, I would want to snuggle up to my hubby in this cozy arctic fleece throw.

Etsy seller Happiknits: The Man Cowl ($31)

And if I had to send my hubby back out into the cold while I warmed my tootsies, I would send him out with this handsome cowl.


  1. Awesome blog! Thank you so much for including the man cowl :) I created it to keep my hubby warm!

  2. Ooooh I LOVE Abuelita hot chocolate. It is always an effort to get it here in Australia. But it is really worth it!