February 27, 2009

ThePaperApartment: sweetness

I am in love with these sweet designs from The Paper Apartment at Etsy.
Love, love, love.

Ruffles Note Set

Stop Motion: Her Morning Elegance

Ok. So I know that this video has been floating around for awhile now, but I would feel silly not posting on how much I do love it. I want to sleep walk in bed now...

"Her Morning Elegance" by Oren Lavie

Ben Wilson: More posters on my list

So, I have yet to get a good tip on a frame shop, but I did get a tip on some more amazing posters by Ben Wilson. My childhood friends, Luke and Dani (who happened to be getting married!), tipped me off on this Idaho local artist and his website. They have a copy of this Josh Ritter poster hanging in their home and I am so jealous, not only because they have the poster, but because it is signed by Josh Ritter!

Quote of the Day:

February 25, 2009

Small Stakes: Art for my walls

Whenever I am looking for some art, I of course go directly to Esty where I surf through many of my favorite artists, but I have found myself coming back once again to Jason Mumm's site, The Small Stakes, and drooling over the many silk-screened posters he's created for many musical and other clients. My missing link? A great frame shop....

Ted Leo + Pharmacists (Bomb/Cage)- sold out

The Shins (Hourglass)- sold out

As you're already starting to notice, many of these posters are sold out so its important to snatch up the one you like while you have the chance!

Q and not U- sold out

Why? (comb)- sold out

Low- sold out

Now that I live in Louisiana, I have a better appreciation for this poster.

Nouvelle Vague- sold out

And of course, Idaho always has a corner of my heart...my home and my memories.

Work Day: Back to the grind

After a fully loaded weekend plus an extra two days off for Mardi Gras celebrations, I am winding down from loud, bright light nights and into peaceful, productive days. I am ready for work, training a replacement for my job and planning my night for our first load of boxes to move to the new house.

1) Anthropologie: Aalto Top
2) Old Navy: Bell-Sleeve Swing Jacket
3) Lulu's: Lust Skinny Jean by Divine Rights of Denim
4) Nordstrom: Matisse Subway Boot
5) Forever21: Polished & Matte Link Watch
6) Forever21: Forever Flower Brooch
7) Forever21: Drea Faux Leather Tote
8) American Eagle: Glass Statement Necklace

February 19, 2009

Martha Stewart Sewing: Brilliant!!

The group at Martha Stewart is back on the band wagon with this brilliant idea of a wrap around pin cushion for your sewing machine. Seriously, brilliant! I have seen all kinds of ways to keep track of pins you pull out while sewing- magnets, trays, pincushions that wander away. After the move, I will be whipping one of these up right away.

I noticed MountainBerryButterfly made comment that this wrap around cushion looks like it might allow the pins to scratch the sewing machine. If you have a sewing machine that is metal, I like her idea of making the wrap thicker to have substance to stick the pin into rather than the sewing machine.

Getting ready for some Good Luck

I think I'm going to get myself ready for some good luck early this year....

Red Envelope: Good Luck Garden($19.95)

February 18, 2009

News Release:

Ok. I haven't said anything yet because I've been waiting for details....but the most recent scoop on my life is that I am finally leaving my job! I have two potential job positions that I've interviewed for and I'm not sure if either will pan out, but I am already feeling much more happy knowing that I won't be going in to my office after the end of the month. Less stress, less anger, less poor influences, less bad environment = happiness, smiles, laughter and CREATIVITY!

I have never quit a job before (well, for just no reason- I have left a job because I was moving, etc. etc.) So this really is a big deal to me and it took about three months of convincing that it was okay for me to want this.

Yes, the timing is a little poor because of the economic recession and so many people being let go from their own jobs. I should have left this job long ago, but I had the sense to "push through the difficulties" of my work environment and just be happy to have a job. I felt squandered in my creativity and it made me depressed. I have no regrets for doing what I did.

And perhaps it will all be better. I have been asked to stay with the company as a freelance designer for some future projects, which may lead to more freelance oppportunities.

So I am happy now.

February 17, 2009

Spreading Out/New Additions: chalkboard

I know I have not posted photos of our new rental yet, but it is the best living space I have ever been able to get my hands on! I am really looking forward to moving in....three bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen nook, screened in patio....loving it. With so much space to move in to I am getting excited to decorate and find new items to add character to our living space and our lives. I have been eyeing this chalkboard for awhile now. (I recently saw it in someone's house tour online- though I can't seem to find the image again or where I saw it. Have you seen it in a recent house tour somewhere?)

the Curiosity Shoppe: Don't Forget Chalkboard ($40)

February 16, 2009

MIA: my apologies

I apologize for my missing appearance on this blog since about Valentine's Day. We have been searching for a new rental and finally signed a lease last week. Now we're in the bustle of prepping to move AND trying to celebrate with some pre-Mardi Gras parades. I will do my best to keep you updated and even try to post some photos from our Mardi Gras extravaganzas!

February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day: Cards (printables)

Check out these great Valentine's card freebies. Click on the links below each image to be directed to their website to print out on cardstock and mail out to all your loved ones!

Be Mine, Valentine by Inside a Black Apple

Class Valentines by Bunny Cakes

Vintage Valentine Collage by Altered Stuff

Valentine's Day Cards by Maquette

February 12, 2009

Shop: Shinzi Katoh

After yesterday's post on the trays designed by Shinzi Katoh, I researched this shop further and found some great photos from their blog on a new shop they recently opened at Koshigaya lake town in Japan. I love how inviting this shop looks!

Paper: The Paper Studio

Stickers and Stuff has posted on her favorite papers from the Paper Studio, including some amazing designs from Denise Lynn Studios. I was intrigued to check out these papers for myself and fell in love with many of the designs. Now all I need is a project to use these papers on- perhaps lining the inside of a bookshelf?

February 11, 2009

Trays: Shinzi Katoh

I somehow ran across this shop and I am infatuated with the trays they design! I wish I had 20 kids so I could buy them all trays to eat their food on (there is a reason why I am not a mother yet :) For now, perhaps I'll stash one in a mud room to keep rainboots on.

Some more...

You can see all the trays being sold at Shinzi Katoh's shop right here.

DIY: Valentine's Flowers

Learn how to make a beautiful bouquet of ribbon flowers for Valentine's Day!

I just found this great how-to from BurdaStyle on Etsy mail. I love how vibrant these flowers look and I'm interested to see how simple these flowers could be to make.

You can follow the directions here.

Healthy Working

Mr. M came home last night lightheaded and feeling sick he said. He took a nap while I made dinner. He looked very weak and dehydrated, so I gave him the quick health questions: how much water are you drinking? did you eat breakfast? what did you eat for lunch? etc. We discovered that he is having a difficult time maintaining his health while working so hard at work. Although this seems silly, I know I find myself in the exact same situation from time to time. It is easy to get so caught up in something you're doing or feel your time is needed so often, that you choose to neglect healthy habits. Even though there's a kitchen at both Mr. M and my workplaces, we both find that we rarely step into the room to get some water or a healthy snack to keep us going throughout the day. So, I'm going to work on ideas that will help remind us to take a break every now and then while working to reflect on what our bodies need from us.

The number one thing on my list to conquer is the lack of water we're drinking. My office stocks an entire fridge with soda from Coca-Cola and a little drawer at the bottom with water, but I don't like the taste the bottle water leaves in my mouth so I avoid it. I try to drink juices but I don't always feel like drinking apple juice all day, every day. Mr. M and I own several Nalgene water bottles that we've collected over years of camping, work freebies, etc. but they seem to collect dust at the back of our cabinets. This made me think of how I much I disliked lugging a large ugly Nalgene around during my years in college. And stickers didn't help.

I know I've posted on some amazing water bottles I found and I went back to the post to find my favorite water bottle, by Kor, that hadn't been released yet at the time. Well, now it is and guess who bought two to start the new year off with a healthy start? These puppies are expensive for a water bottle, but I told myself I'd rather pay $29.95 for an amazing reusable and material safe water bottle than crates of throwaway water bottles!

I am encouraged that having these beautiful water bottles on our desks will continue to remind us to keep them filled and used. I will keep you up to speed on how this first idea works for us. :)

Finding love in amazing places....

This nineteen day old ox, appropriately named Heart, was recently born on a farm near Tokyo, Japan. Just in time for Valentine's day! Thanks, Sunny, for sending this link!

via: Yahoo! News Photos

I couldn't help but remember this image from Domino magazine.

Rugs: Twinkle Living

I wish I could afford to have these awesome rugs from Twinkle Living in my home. I would smile every time I looked down at my feet. You can find these rugs here at PillowsandThrows.com.

L to R (Clockwise)

February 10, 2009

Work Day: 6 (Trying to keep up)

Sale: World Market

I am gleefully clicking through WorldMarket's Sale while tuning in to their radio station. Yes, WorldMarket's radio, which can be loaded from their website here. Besides some great world music, they're also offering some great deals on their products! My eyes are set on these:

Sketching: Thom Glick

Thom Glick has started up a sketch-a-day which makes me smile from ear to ear because now I get to see more of his work through these daily sketches. Check out his blog here to see more.