February 11, 2009

Healthy Working

Mr. M came home last night lightheaded and feeling sick he said. He took a nap while I made dinner. He looked very weak and dehydrated, so I gave him the quick health questions: how much water are you drinking? did you eat breakfast? what did you eat for lunch? etc. We discovered that he is having a difficult time maintaining his health while working so hard at work. Although this seems silly, I know I find myself in the exact same situation from time to time. It is easy to get so caught up in something you're doing or feel your time is needed so often, that you choose to neglect healthy habits. Even though there's a kitchen at both Mr. M and my workplaces, we both find that we rarely step into the room to get some water or a healthy snack to keep us going throughout the day. So, I'm going to work on ideas that will help remind us to take a break every now and then while working to reflect on what our bodies need from us.

The number one thing on my list to conquer is the lack of water we're drinking. My office stocks an entire fridge with soda from Coca-Cola and a little drawer at the bottom with water, but I don't like the taste the bottle water leaves in my mouth so I avoid it. I try to drink juices but I don't always feel like drinking apple juice all day, every day. Mr. M and I own several Nalgene water bottles that we've collected over years of camping, work freebies, etc. but they seem to collect dust at the back of our cabinets. This made me think of how I much I disliked lugging a large ugly Nalgene around during my years in college. And stickers didn't help.

I know I've posted on some amazing water bottles I found and I went back to the post to find my favorite water bottle, by Kor, that hadn't been released yet at the time. Well, now it is and guess who bought two to start the new year off with a healthy start? These puppies are expensive for a water bottle, but I told myself I'd rather pay $29.95 for an amazing reusable and material safe water bottle than crates of throwaway water bottles!

I am encouraged that having these beautiful water bottles on our desks will continue to remind us to keep them filled and used. I will keep you up to speed on how this first idea works for us. :)

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