February 2, 2009

Man-iac Monday: Please meet Harry

In respect for all those hairy men out there- a good shave is an amazing feat. I love the look of old shaving sets and surprisingly I could see why a good lather from a badger brush will out stand any foam in a can.

"hot for teacher" image via: kelco on flickr

Both items from le Train Bleu:
1. Cella Shave Soap in Travel Container
2. Omega Shaving Brush

The hubby recently received a shaving set from my parents for Christmas and he loves the feel of the lather, but it seems that his skin disagrees with the glycerin soap the kit came with. I am tempted to have him try this out shave soap by Cella. Do you know of any face friendly shave soaps available?

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  1. The soap I use is from Walgreens I think of the name but it seems to be pretty mild. I used to have pretty sensitive skin but the older I get the less sensitve..... Dad