February 19, 2009

Martha Stewart Sewing: Brilliant!!

The group at Martha Stewart is back on the band wagon with this brilliant idea of a wrap around pin cushion for your sewing machine. Seriously, brilliant! I have seen all kinds of ways to keep track of pins you pull out while sewing- magnets, trays, pincushions that wander away. After the move, I will be whipping one of these up right away.

I noticed MountainBerryButterfly made comment that this wrap around cushion looks like it might allow the pins to scratch the sewing machine. If you have a sewing machine that is metal, I like her idea of making the wrap thicker to have substance to stick the pin into rather than the sewing machine.


  1. This is a great idea. I'm a new sewer so I always appreciate cheap/free tricks to make it easier. Thanks!

  2. Hey there... just visiting and loving your blog! I wish I could sew ... but alas I cannot! I guess I'll just stick to painting!:)

    Thanks for being a knack friend.... I'm going to add you to my design list! xo