February 18, 2009

News Release:

Ok. I haven't said anything yet because I've been waiting for details....but the most recent scoop on my life is that I am finally leaving my job! I have two potential job positions that I've interviewed for and I'm not sure if either will pan out, but I am already feeling much more happy knowing that I won't be going in to my office after the end of the month. Less stress, less anger, less poor influences, less bad environment = happiness, smiles, laughter and CREATIVITY!

I have never quit a job before (well, for just no reason- I have left a job because I was moving, etc. etc.) So this really is a big deal to me and it took about three months of convincing that it was okay for me to want this.

Yes, the timing is a little poor because of the economic recession and so many people being let go from their own jobs. I should have left this job long ago, but I had the sense to "push through the difficulties" of my work environment and just be happy to have a job. I felt squandered in my creativity and it made me depressed. I have no regrets for doing what I did.

And perhaps it will all be better. I have been asked to stay with the company as a freelance designer for some future projects, which may lead to more freelance oppportunities.

So I am happy now.

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