February 25, 2009

Small Stakes: Art for my walls

Whenever I am looking for some art, I of course go directly to Esty where I surf through many of my favorite artists, but I have found myself coming back once again to Jason Mumm's site, The Small Stakes, and drooling over the many silk-screened posters he's created for many musical and other clients. My missing link? A great frame shop....

Ted Leo + Pharmacists (Bomb/Cage)- sold out

The Shins (Hourglass)- sold out

As you're already starting to notice, many of these posters are sold out so its important to snatch up the one you like while you have the chance!

Q and not U- sold out

Why? (comb)- sold out

Low- sold out

Now that I live in Louisiana, I have a better appreciation for this poster.

Nouvelle Vague- sold out

And of course, Idaho always has a corner of my heart...my home and my memories.

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  1. These are really really cool. I liked almost all of them. So clever and artsy.