March 31, 2009

Still Depositing: Random Room Inspirations

I'm still trying to remove the (continually adding) room inspiration images I have collected over the last....let's say two years.

We spotted two lamps identical to this at a furniture store a few weeks ago and they were marked at only $30! My eyes were fixed on them and just as I was telling my husband we should buy them a salesman came and posted "sold" tags on them, followed by one very happy customer who will enjoy having these in her home. No hard feelings, we're in need of a floor lamp but I was willing to make the change in plans.

If you're following this year's Spring Cure with AT, then you know what it is like to feel so relieved to not only be starting a project you've thought about for so long, but also just to tackle such a big issue and feel the self-gratitude of accomplishing the task at hand. I am still in the tackling process.

I've been sifting through boxes and boxes and bins and bags full of paper clippings, old greeting cards (including wedding gift cards), magazines, catalogs and all my old school "notes" from design and advertising courses. These things really do all add up. And with a "work-from-home" temptation luring over me I want to feel like my home office is adequate enough to actually work in.

I love this dark blue wall and white trimming!

I am realising my clutter issues in hopes for a brighter future and more organized home office life. I was always so organized where I was working, but the idea of an organized office at home was just unconceivable because of all the paperwork we've collected and feel a need to hold on to. Plus a home office usually doubles as an "everything else room" including workout room, scrapbooking room, sewing room, and storage for all sports equipment (hockey, golf and soccer).

I dream of built-in bookcases, do you?

Yes, I do wish I had a garage or a third room to stuff all these belongings into, but then I'm not tackling the real issue at hand- the fact that most of the clutter is material items we forget we even own because we know its just really clutter.

I am drawn to the low hanging pendant lamp and dark shades.

Instead, I am reaching for my goal of only owning things we enjoy using on a regular basis- because we will have time to enjoy them rather than be constantly cleaning and purging. I have goals set to be able to clean my home without sweating because I know where everything belongs and that it is already well taken care of. Perhaps I can just win a dream home and move in leaving all my belongings at home and start fresh :)

March 30, 2009

A visit from my secret "bad-boy" crush?

News update: a very large film studio has just recently been set up in New Orleans to host some new blockbuster films and some visiting celebrities (thank you Brad Pitt, but technically in my mind you're thought of as a part-time local now). And to my surprise my secretive crush on "bad-boy" actor Jason Statham has surfaced once again at the news that he will be in town next month to film "The Expendables" (along with Sylvester Stalone, Jet Li and Mickey Rourke)

I know that this is not exciting for you per se, but I must share. For a small town girl, this is BIG news (my husband likes to think otherwise). :)

A High School Reunion-themed Party: You are my Fav

Melanie, over at You are my Fav, posted on a brilliant party idea that I am dying to try. She's been visiting her parents and flipping through old yearbooks, etc. She thinks it would a fun idea to throw a party themed for a high school reunion. She lists her ideas here. (You can also read up on the comments section for more great ideas posted by her readers!)

With how difficult high school is and how much we try to rid ourselves of perhaps not so great memories, I would love to see my current friends as "high schoolers" at a party, knowing that in reality we are so much more mature. :)

Lovin' It: Coral Chandelier

image via: Decorati

I love this coral red chandelier by Moth Design. I would love to hang this over our entryway stairs. Mmmhhm. Awesome!

A place to stay and eat: Inspiration for dining rooms

Another lengthy set of images I have collected (both recent and old) of dining rooms that have inspired me in some way or another. I love the mix of old and new to create a "old" contemporary feel. And for some reason the cleanliness of everything being white is so appealing, yet so very unachievable for my way of living. I hope you enjoy and find inspiration from these as well.

image by: ngoc minh ngo

Again, if you know where an image is from and I have not given it credit, please let me know.

March 28, 2009

Sunshine Beckoning: a graze in the park

1. Free People: Eyelet Tennis Dress
2. Newport-News: Metallic Straw Hat
3. Anthropologie: Full Bouquet Clip
4. DearGoldenVintage: Pink Cutout Pumps
5. Forever21: Jessenia Cowl Necklace
6. Lulu's: City of Angels Sunglasses
7. linabean: Logan Throw and Go Blanket
8. Gap: Oversized Canvas Tote

Quote of the Day:

March 27, 2009

Image Dumping: Bedroom Inspirations

I'm freeing up some data storage space and also letting you in on my bedroom style inspirations I've saved.

I'm not sure where most of these images are from, but you can see that I'm somewhat obsessed with canopy bedding. The hubby isn't a huge fan and frankly I had no idea I was such a big fan until I started looking through images with him a while back. They do seem glamorous, don't they?

I love these dark blue walls with the dark wood of the furniture.

Although you will see that I also love clean, crisp whites as well. This is so unrealistic for our lifestyle though (we have an indoor/outdoor cat who tracks dirt around everywhere and an old house that somehow just accumulates dust on its own).

And of course a splash of red would always work for me!

Shoe Shopping: Etsy Vintage

Sometimes I worry about posting such great finds that when I get there they will be gone. As if any of you would nab up my "wish list" items and then flaunt the item in my wouldn't would you??

Well, my great find for the day is about shoes. I have postponed any shoe shopping for some time. I broke down around Christmas time and purchased some plain black ballerina flats, but sadly these shoes are wearing down very quickly (for $20 I should have known this).

I have difficulty purchasing new shoes for fear that I won't wear them enough to make them worth the price I paid, and yet I worry that if I wear them too often then they won't last as long as I would like them to.

I have this tendency to wear out shoes rather quickly. I buy a pair I love and I find ways to wear them with every outfit I own and the next thing you know the shoes are falling apart left and right.

Oh, on to the great find....

I was browsing around on etsy this morning (what I like to call "window shopping") and I spotted some fun vintage shoes that seemed to be in great shape. The next thing I knew I was searching for shoes in my size under the "vintage" category and saving many shoes I would love to have stashed in my closet.

I had never thought I would find so many fabulous shoes! Those of you who are out there scrounging thrift stores and attic sales for these amazing shoes, I commend you for your hard work and enthusiasm for great product presentation.

annabert ($25)

annabert ($25)

I am officially in love with shoes and in love with etsy vintage sellers!

Recy ($24)

Tauntingly Light: Affordable Stacked Rock Lamp

I first spotted this lamp in VivaTerra's catalog and fell in love. I kept wishing I could find numerous beautiful rocks with pre-drilled holes so I could create my own (for much less than the asking price). I gave up after months of trying to figure out a realistic and affordable way to recreate VivaTerra's rock lamp.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I spotted a very similar lamp on sale ($38.70!!!) on Wisteria's website!

The stones seem a little more polished up and I would definitely switch the lampshade to a round drum, but this is such an amazing steal! My new rule of thumb before I allow myself to purchase anything (especially for our new home) is that I must figure out exactly where the item will go. I'm in the process of searching my house for a place for this lamp. (Alas, I think we need some actual furniture to place the lamp on first...)

I also recently spotted this lamp at Pier 1 that reminded me of this rock lamp, but with a much more modern look.