April 30, 2009

Tri-pod Legs

I love these tri-pod style lamps. I think we're going to go thrifty and jazz up a thrift store floor lamp for now :)

My Red Craving: Little Leather Elephant

Leatherprince: Laura the Elephant Leather Keychain in Lipstick Red

April 29, 2009

Etsy Shoeflys: New Finds

These are some of my latest favorites from my Shoeflys on Etsy. I always love a good vintage pair of shoes! There's a reason they've lasted this long, right?

Zaasvintageboots: White and Black High Heels

Yesterdaysnew: Ochre Brown Mary Janes

Zaasvintageboots: Sexy Mustard High Heels

Anthropolification: A new monthly addition

I would like to start a new monthly posting on "Anthropolification". This is a term from Kathleen at Grosgrain that I have blended into my own vocabulary for describing fashion that seems to pop out of an Anthropologie store or catalog. If you've been missing out on Kathleen's amazing Anthropolification designs check out her site here.

Pleated Petal Tank from Grosgrain

Pleated Petal Tank from Anthropologie

For my monthly postings, I will be including comparable finds at more affordable prices and feature handmade designs. I might also link to tutorials from blogs describing how they created an Anthropolification item. We'll see how the postings go and if you have any suggestions or your own Anthropolified example send me an email. I'd love to hear from you!

Saying Goodbyes and Keeping Memories

Giraffes at the Audubon Zoo

I would like to announce that I am back in blogging mode. My family flew in to New Orleans for their first visit since we moved here and we have exhausted ourselves on activities. I made a long list of "Things to Do" for them to pick from while they were here and after reading through the list again last night, we accomplished most of them. I hope they arrive home and sleep like babies because I know I will! We had such a great time and the weather was excellent. I'm looking forward to their next visit already. Isn't it great to have visitors who know you so well they aren't afraid to wash your dishes or fix your broken kitchen light? Or visitors that will stay up till midnight with you just talking? These are my favorite visitors :)

April 20, 2009

New Poster Fetish: Beautiful Angle

Thanks to Style Garden I have a new poster fetish from Beautiful Angle. Here are my favorites:

DIY: Hemp Pendant Lamps

I love this tutorial on Craftynest on how to make your own pendant lamps from hemp. So crafty and yet so fabulously modern looking! Check out the tutorial here.

Kitchen Storage

I love the look of this storage spot for the kitchen- even the microwave tucked down below. We're currently storing our microwave on top of our fridge! Ugh!

April 15, 2009

Work Day: Casual Mid-week

A little pop of red.

1. Gap: Suede T-Strap Sandals
2. Urban Outfitters: Vive Le Pop Deep V Neck Tee
3. Urban Outfitters: Serpentine Necklace
4. Kayleefish1: Silver Long Bead Feather Earrings
5. Top Shop: Stripe Tulip Skirt
6. Redbeardvintage: Retro Canvas Travel Bag

The Seed

Dressing Up: Free People Video

I love the video Free People has on their homepage of model, dressing up in different outfits from a pile of clothes, shoes and accessories on the floor in front of her. Watch the video here.

Cross-country bag

I've been thinking a lot about traveling lately (perhaps because of our recent trip home to see family). I would really like to travel to Europe sometime in my life and I'm still waiting on a trip with my girlfriends to Costa Rica (one has in-laws living there). And of course I dream of Canada and being Canadian. I'd like to see if the grass really is greener on the other side.

When I do finally get my chance to take these trips, I would love to travel with a leather bag around my arms. This screams "I am an expert traveler" to me.
My top recent finds:

SuzisCornerBoutique: Vintage Hartmann Luggage

Lightyearsvintage: Huge 1950's Leather Carryall

Forever 21: Ellison Tote Bag

Urban Outfitters: Deux Lux Traveler Knapsack

Pick o' the Day: An Apple a Day

So, I lied about posting yesterday morning. I don't want to whine and complain, but I was way too busy running errands. I did however get to see one of my best friends during her short visit here and after a night of drinking, I feel that I should taking care of my health more than I have been (this is my hint to let you know I have a slight hangover :)

I think this "Apple-a-day" poster would get me set on the right foot.

Keep track of your apple-eating habits by placing the grower's sticker on the chart. This is definitely record keeping at its finest.

April 12, 2009

Return from Spudland

via: *Dario*

We're just getting back from our trip to Idaho! I will check back in tomorrow morning.

April 9, 2009

Easter weekend getaway

stunning image via: P.J. Maracle

I will be out for the rest of the week. Be back from my trip on Monday!
Have a great Easter weekend!

April 8, 2009

Rules for Children: leaving behind a legacy

A "must check out" for today is to 1001 rules for my unborn sun.

I love it!

Work Day: Traveling Lightly

I'm packing my bags to fly to Idaho to spend time with my family for Easter weekend. This is my packing agenda: travel light. Many of these items I already own, but I'm dreaming of owning this adorable yellow jacket. It would be just what I needed for transitioning to the cooler Idaho weather.

1. Gap: The new Cuffed Tee
2. Ginazetts: Simple Hoops Earrings
3. ModCloth: Yellow Crescent Scarf
4. Banana Republic: Flatiron Tote
5. Forever 21: White Colored Skinny Jean
6. Zappos: Nena flats by Type Z
7. Lulu's: Witherspoon Jacket by BB Dakota

Invitations to your own circus: Caroline Armelle

How amazing are these circus invitations made by Caroline Armelle for her son's 2nd Birthday party? You can read her construction methods here.

April 7, 2009

Childhood Memories: Betty Boop Favorites

Reminiscing on some old Betty Boop cartoons I used to watch growing up. These were my favorites.

Who ever thought you'd get fat by laughing?!? Betty Boop sure did!

The catnipped cat was always a favorite!

I think I was secretly in love with Gramps too! A car that can give me a milkshake? Yes, please!

Sometimes I feel the same way when I'm cooking...

Work Day: Running Errands

I'm hoping to run some errands today- maybe a new driver's license (eek!)

1. Boden: Chic Leather Bag ($198)
2. Nordstrom: Joe's Jeans 'Provocateur' ($172)
3. Forever 21: Floral Chiffon Top ($19.80)
4. Stamp: Sterling Blades Earrings ($34)
5. Endless: Rocket Dog Dingo Sandal ($39.95)

April 6, 2009

Starting a Collection: "Piggy" Banks

I wanted to show off my new collection of "piggy" banks- thanks to 26olivestreet for my two new additions!

Strawberry Festival: Overload

Saturday we drove to Ponchatoula to experience the Strawberry Festival- not knowing what to expect really. Ponchatoula is a small community that is definitely proud of their antiques and crafts. And of course we saw LOTS of strawberries. Before you even got to the grounds there were crates of strawberries being sold out of the back of trucks parked alongside of the street! We purchased a small basket of strawberries from the wife of the Strawberry Festival's King- local celebrity sighting!

Not only were there strawberries by the crates, there were also bikers by the dozens! For some reason strawberries obviously attract the Harley Davidson crowd...or pehaps the antiques...or the strawberry daiquiris and late night music. Whatever attracted them was like flowers to bees! I've never been to a real Harley Davidson get-together, but I've never seen so many bikes at one time before!

We grabbed two strawberry daiquiris (made with real strawberries) and ordered a bloomin' onion- delicious! We joined the crowds weaving about food vendors, craft huts and carnival games.

The weather was amazing and I even scored cotton candy from the hubby! As you can guess, several hours of extra large daiquiris, sun and cotton candy was sugar and heat overload so we packed up our strawberries and headed home. What a great time!

April 4, 2009

Some Spring for the Weekend

image via: theflowerexpert

We're just getting ready to leave for the Strawberry Festival, but I wanted to share some Spring with you before I head out.

Click here to transport yourself to beautiful Spring flowers and create your own garden!

Thanks for the link, Mom!