May 29, 2009

Pick o' the Day: Taping up presents with Dots

Tiny Spots from happy tape

I am in need of some fun tape to use for presents. My tape wishlist can be found at happy tape.

My Closet Wishlist: Summer Updates (2)

My "screen" shopping finds for today:

1. Skinny Rope Belt from Ann Taylor LOFT
2. Heidi Mustard Colored Heels from Lulus
3. Socialite Tank Dress from Lulus
4. Ruffle Scoop Neck Dress from Ann Taylor LOFT
5. Printed Floral Umbrella from Ann Taylor LOFT
6. Anita Top from Jcrew
7. Floral Cut-out One Piece from Alloy
8. Billabong Harrison Dress from Lulus
9. Twisted Tropical Tank from AE

May 28, 2009

Sweatin' out once again: Dreaming of ice

image via: auntjojo

Right now, I am dreaming of an ice bath.... Once again our air conditioning broke down yesterday and I don't know if I can handle the heat- or the sweat. I set up three fans in my bedroom last night and I still slept restlessly. The A/C company has finally arrived and this time they sent in the boss man. After three different breakdowns within two months, I am hoping this will be a problem that is permanently fixed!

Home Inspiration: Gray/Blue walls and Jackalopes

The mounted antlers on the wall remind me of stories of jackalopes when growing up in Idaho. I'm really falling in love with light blue/gray painted walls. Something makes them seem so dreamy and patient.

My Closet Wishlist: Summer Updates

My latest "screen" shopping has made me yearn for an updated summer closet. I'll be posting on my dreamy finds. Here are my finds for today:
1. Geo Print Shorts from Ann Taylor LOFT
2. Rowboat Bermuda Shorts from Lulus
3. Cotton Ruffle Tank from Jcrew
4. Lightweight Oxford Tunic from Jcrew
5. Ivory Key Hole Sandal from Lulus
6. Bow Pleated Tank from GAP
7. Soft Brushstrokes Scarf from Ann Taylor LOFT
8. Country Club Dress from Lulus
9. Coco Cloche from Urban Outfitters

Anthropolification: Fringed Heather Heels

Beautiful fringe heels from Anthropologie.

1} Calvin Klein: Petra Fringe High Heels
2} Lulus: Tab 2 Tan Combo T Strap Sandal by Jeffrey Campbell
5} Victoria's Secret: Ruffled T-Strap Sandal by JLO
6} Zappos: Penny by Type Z
7} Piperlime: Cocobelle Fringe
8} Lulus: Peggy Black Ruffle T Platform Heel by Pink Duchess
9} Zappos: Pracila by Madden Girl
10} Zappos: Donella by MIA
11} Zappos: Yasmin by MIA
12} Lulus: Albany Black Vegan Ruffle Thong Sandal by Classified

May 27, 2009

Pick o' the Day: Sitting on a Constellation

Fishtails: A place to hang the cat's toys

I have seen these little doggie bums from Ikea for a very long time and I love the idea of using the hooks to hold a dog leash or other dog accessories from. I do not have a dog and it seems silly to hang my cat's toys from a dog's bum, so I was excited to find these fishtail hooks at PotteryBarn Kids. The colors are great and I love that they are very simple looking.

Getting ready in the morning- just a little faster

This video from a Japanese game show has nothing to do with anything, but I just had to share. The man gets dressed, eats breakfast and brushes his teeth all under 5 minutes! Although I don't wear ties (obviously) I would love to try this trick out. And the way he puts on his jacket is just perfect.

May 26, 2009

My Red Craving: Blue walls and tree bark

I love this image. Of course the red sofa, but also the aspen trees going up the wall.

My Daily Day: Cleaning/Organizing

After pulling out all my sewing equipment and many, many accessories my house has started looking like a sweatshop. I decided to crack down on my mess-making and cleanup. I love having a large sewing kit so I can find places for all my left over buttons, threads and needles. I've had this kit since my freshmen year in college when I was taking fashion design courses.

My Daily Cookbook: Grilled Chicken and Creamy Corn

click on the image to enlarge the recipe

Cooking for one has been difficult to wrap my mind around these last few days, so I scoured my old recipe clippings to locate some easy recipes I could recreate for just one tummy. This recipe was clipped from Better Homes and Gardens and I loved the creamy corn. We still have yet to buy a new grill (our old grill was left in Idaho) so I turn my panini press into an indoor grill.

Yellow Mood: Wedding Inspiration Board

I am LOVING this yellow mood board from Snippet & Ink.

Style Watch: Bangs and a Dress

I love her hair...and the cute little dress she's wearing.

Emma & Jed via: Snippet & Ink

May 25, 2009

Never Never Land: A birthday bash

I would love to turn three again- and have a Peter Pan party!

Merrilee put together this adorable Peter Pan birthday party for her son, Atticus.

See more here and here.

Graduation Wishes

I spotted these cute chocolate graduation caps over at Bakerella and now I wish I had a graduation party to throw for someone so I could make some of these :)

Red Poppies: Memorial Day

Have a safe Memorial Day!

image via: LADezigns

Logo Identity: Getting Crumpled

I like to check in with Brand New to read about upcoming logo updates being created. The re-creation of logos is so inspiring to me. A recent post included the logo redesign of Swanswell and I loved the new concept that was created by Johnson Banks for the company's identity purposes.
You can read more about the logo redesign here and here.

May 22, 2009

DIY: Jcrew ribbon necklaces

I was drooling over these necklaces in the last Jcrew catalogs I received in the mail. But $98 a piece just seemed outrageous. With something so easy to recreate, I got right to it. I wanted to keep the project SUPER thrifty, so I started by sorting through the discount ribbon bin at Michael's Crafts store. I found some fun (and cheap) necklaces at Claire's, got my handy jewelry pliers out and went to work threading on ribbons. I found the fabulous purple ribbon on super sale (a Martha Stewart find). These have been great necklaces to throw on in the afternoon when I want to dress up my plain-jane outfit I've been wearing all morning. Plus the ribbon adds some color to my neutral clothing.

DIY: Summer Skirts

Here are photos of the three skirts I made during my "internet break". I used the NewLook pattern (above) but made alterations so the skirts would sit lower on my hips.

This is the first skirt I made from the pattern. I had issues with altering the waistband. I also hate using interfacing so I had to work around some of the instructions. I had hoped to add on pockets but after numerous attempts, I decided the pattern wouldn't allow me to add pockets (because of the zipped placement). I also had to remind myself how to sew in a zipper. This was my favorite fabric, so I should have left it for my last skirt...but I was too excited to make a skirt from the fabric.

The second skirt was a breeze. I opted for a wider hem at the bottom of the skirt and I like the way it turned out. So far, this is my favorite finished product.

I paired up this cute white swirly fabric with a yellow fabric because the white fabric was very see-through. I decided to make the white an overlay and turn the yellow into the waistband and hem. I love the color combo!

We'll see how many skirts I whip out. Maybe a dress or shirt are next??

My Daily Cookbook: Mango Breakfast Smoothie

This was my good morning breakfast smoothie:

I used an unripe champagne mango that we just couldn't get ripe enough to eat plain. I used honey in my smoothie rather than molasses because I am a HUGE fan of honey! I also swapped the plain yogurt for strawberry Activa yogurt. Delicious!

Clipped from HerSports magazine.

May 21, 2009

Disconnected: Back tomorrow

We've been having one of those months were everything is quiting out on us. Our A/C decided to shut down a second time last weekend and our internet modem fired out. I spent my few days of heat and no internet by sewing up some skirts and pillows- its always good to be crafty. I also finally went down to the DMV to get my new drivers license. And ended up walking out with the worst picture I've ever had on my license! I never knew it was possible that I could look like a thug- but now I know.

I'm taking today to round up my thoughts and last minute projects. I'll be back tomorrow to fill you in on what I've been up to.

May 14, 2009

My Daily Day: Luncheon and Sketching

my desk: doing some daily sketching exercises and flipping through my rolodex to remember names before going to the AIGA luncheon (my name remembering skills are very poor so I've trained myself to write on the back of business cards so I remember people- working so far)

snack: mmmm...fresh kiwi.

I wonder why you never see kiwi seeds being sold like poppy seeds. They look very similar and I'm sure they would be just as delicious :)

No Time for Blogging: An abuse of my scheduling

So sorry I'm late at posting today. I had a luncheon date that consumed my afternoon and I got wrapped up in my sketchbooks. The NHL playoffs will be on all night so I'm taking a break from cooking and eating some pizza for dinner.

May 13, 2009

My Daily Cookbook: Bananas and Lunches

I've been struggling the last few months to come up with original content for this blog (at times I feel like I'm just spitting up the same posts as other blogs I follow) but I'm really going to try to make this blog more personal and let you in on what I am up to.

To start, I have decided to share with you some recipes I use throughout the week. Within the last year I have become a cookbook and recipe addict and go grocery shopping with recipes in hand. We've been pretty good at putting together a dinner menu for the week and then purchasing our groceries for that menu (this is such a money saver because you don't purchase food that doesn't get used before it goes bad). I hope you enjoy the recipes I share!

Today's recipes are for Streusel-topped Banana Bread and Shrimp Pasta Salad.

We had a few bananas go ripe extra early on us so I was saving them in the fridge to use for banana bread. I turned this recipe into banana muffins instead so the hubby could grab one on his way to work in the morning. The recipe comes from a family cookbook my aunt made me as a wedding gift.

click on the image to enlarge

I have been trying to be a good "housewife" and prep lunches for my husband to take with him to work. Today I prepped ahead of my normal schedule and made this scrumptious pasta salad that was published in Martha Stewart's Everyday Food.

click on the image to enlarge

We didn't have mayo for this recipe so I substituted it with Miracle Whip- it gave it a nice zingy flavor.

Sew a Ruffled Flower Collar

You can find a step-by-step tutorial on how to make these easy flowery collars at Katie Rich's website, Katie Did. Also, I love these beautiful photos of her daughters. They remind me of old photos we have of Easter dresses my mom used to make us when my sisters and I were very little.

Pick o' the Day: Carved Wooden Box

Target: Carved Wooden Box ($25.99)

Home Inspiration: Beautiful photo

Etsy Finds: JessJamesJake

Pastel Rainbow Pumps- Size 8 ($34)