September 25, 2009

Old Catalogs Online: Fun Shadow Shapes

I was scanning through old Anthropologie catalogs online today and had to post this photo- I think this catalog was just genius. This was my favorite spread. Such creative photography.

September 14, 2009

New Bike for Me! For Me? For Me!

My new bike should be here next week! Yay! I am dreaming of jumping on this little beauty and cruising around the city.

September 11, 2009

Honey Interiors: cliquing styles

Just spotted Tamara Kaye-Honey's amazing interiors on Design*Sponge. I'm hooked and in love with her style.

I am going to keep this image in my reference book for when I finally own a home and look to repaint the house.

I'm so happy our fireplace grill is already on to the finishing touches like shown above.

The random ram under the desk is my favorite! It reminds me of my random three sheep heads in the kitchen. The hubby still is unsure of their purpose in our home's styling :)

I can't wait for Tamara's blog to be up and running. I know I will love it. I already clique with her design tastes.

Dreaming with my Jcrew catalog in hand

Oh, Jcrew catalog, how you make me yearn for fall to hit NOLA sooner than average. I wake up in the morning hoping for cold, cloudy weather so I can wrap up in a sweater and woolen trousers. I am waiting to pull out my new (vintage) shoes to wear with tights. Oh, Jcrew catalog, I will keep you at my fingertips for inspiration until it frosts and I bring my sad, dead-looking plants inside for the winter.

September 10, 2009

Etsy Favorites: OVERLOAD

I am abusing my Etsy Favorites option. I have been frantically adding items left and right to my Favorites bin! I am obsessing with the vintage items and amazing artwork I dream of for my wall. I think my new income should buy some items from my list finally. (I'll be sure to show-and-tell when I do purchase.)

Branding: Self identity

Some self-branding I've been working on:

Draft 1: idea into software format

Draft 2: manipulation of ideas

Draft 3: the final stages- will be including contact info below the box

September 1, 2009

Matteart: New Orleans is my style of art

I wandered over to Matteart's shop on etsy yesterday after seeing a feature on Poppytalk for one of his affordable prints. Lo and behold, I spotted some FABULOUS prints he's made of my little New Orleans city. Swoon. These are being added to my "Must get" and "Want more than ever" lists.