January 21, 2010

Dog Beds: If I had a Dog

If only these came in cat prints....

World Market: Rectangular Pet Bed ($9.99)

Ballard Designs: Dog Print Bed Cover ($59.99-84.99)

Bambeco: Silhouette Dog Rectangular Bed ($115-155)

The Premium Pet: Punch Rotator Dog Bed ($99.95)

The Premium Pet: Posey Moonlight Dog Bed ($99.95)

The Leisure Boutique: Faux Suede Dog Bed ($59.99)

Now, how much is that doggie in the window....

January 12, 2010

Making Progress: Spare Room

In the last few days, our guest room/office has been transformed from a junk room to an actual office space and then a guest room. Granted we only moved this quickly because we will be picking up our guest tomorrow afternoon.

I still have some finishing items to pick up tonight, so you will have to keep waiting for the final changes.

(I can't wait to have a real spare bedroom where we can have an actual bed and frame for guests rather than are amazing air mattress...it is amazing...its just an air mattress though.)

January 11, 2010

Moving onto my Desktop: Monthly Calendars

I'm constantly looking over my shoulder to peer at my calendar at work, or pulling up my Dashboard to see upcoming dates on my digital calendar.

This year I have resolved to keeping a beautiful monthly calendar up on my desktop background!

Each month offers a new design!

Check out Pixelgirl's other great backgrounds available to download to your computer.

January 9, 2010

Actor Replacements: Switching for the new year

I admit that I have liked Chris Evans but not the movies he acts in.
(Is he or is he not a looker?)

I also admit that I have been watching Supernatural off and on for some time now. Its a show that I will leave on while I am making dinner in the other room so I haven't been able to delve into the characters yet. But, I did think that the main character was being played by Chris Evans.... Well surprise, surprise! Dean Winchester is played by Jensen Ackles! So happy am I to find a new replacement for Chris Evans!

Tell me they don't look somewhat alike?

January 8, 2010

Office/Guest Room Re-do

This procrastinator has a mother-in-law coming next week to stay with us and I need to feel like the guest room is presentable. Every time we've had guests stay in our office I feel this huge guilt trip before they arrive that it is more of a junk room/office than an office/guest room. Over time, I have pulled out some ideas from my sleeve but never acted on them (note the procrastinator bit).

So I am going to work my butt off to try and make this room more comfortable for our guest's three week long stay. Granted I will be working around some MAJOR issues:

Issue #1: The space is a rental so as much as I would love to shell out my own money to make the space my dream room, I refrain from changing pricey fixes.
Issue #2: Previous tenants painted the walls a dark orange
Issue #3: These walls are paired with our pistachio green desk (see the DIY of this desk here)
Issue #4: There is a non-working fireplace at the end of the room and two windows that are off centered on the opposite side of the room
Issue #5: We "invested" in a queen sized air mattress in college and would like to feel like it is still worth the investment (so for now, no buying a queen sized bed to wedge into the office)

All of this of course on a super small budget.

To begin, I have been gathering up room and color inspirations to help me figure out what I can do with minor changes in the space.

I'll keep you updated on this project....

January 6, 2010

Copy Cat Bargain: Entertainment/Media Center

I recently spotted this entertainment center set-up in the new West Elm catalog and fell in love!!! I would love to convince the hubby to let me buy it (to replace the two stereo speakers we have lying on their sides and our fancy tv sitting on top), but it is a little pricey. To get the set shown would cost you about $1,097!

However, I also spotted THIS entertainment center set-up while browsing online at WorldMarket. Granted, there are some slight differences but it's still the look I love. And at around $629 it seems like a steal!